U19 National Team

As soon as the roster is known for the national team, it will be published here.



Coaching Staff:


Head Coach & Special Team Coordinator - Giorgio Volpi

Offensive Coordinator - Stephan Pulver

Offensive Line Coach - Giorgio Volpi & Stephan Pulver

Offensive Quality Coach, Assistant OC & QB Coach - Rick Benedetto

Quarterback Coach - Douglas Finazzi

Running Back Coach - Agit Tekin & Mike Sholars

Receiver Coach - Pawel Kolatorski & Markus Kratzel

Defensive Coordinator & Linebacker Coach - Walti Tegtgel

Quality Coach, Assistant DC & Linebacker Coach - Don Clemons

Defensive Line Coach - Renato Vaccari & Cyrill Meartens

Outside Linebacker Coach - Christian Wunderlin & Fulgenzio Jorio

Defensive Back Coach - Fabial LaRoche