Keeping the overview together

Since it can often become quite confusing in American football, a whole team of Officials is available for a game. This usually consists of five people, each of them being assigned a specific area and tasks.
One is responsible for timekeeping, others mark important points on the playing field. To punish fouls, yellow flags are thrown on the field, which are also part of a referee's equipment.


Right in the middle of it instead only thereby

Do you have a strong sense of justice, a quick mind and strong nerves? Then the exciting and varied activity of American Football could be a new challenge for you. The chart below shows what is required to become an A-Liga (International) Official.


Everything whistling?

No, because before you start, you will receive intensive training from experienced Referees from SAFV's referee training department. After the two-part course you are optimally prepared for your first use.
In addition, you are always on the field with an experienced referee crew. The refereeing career is open to men and women aged 18 and over. Additionally you have the possibility to whistle Flag-Football games.
If you are now interested in the challenge of officiating, please contact us at
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Dates Officials Courses 2021

A-Licensing course  (in german)  x09.01.21
xB-Licensing course  (in german)  x08.05.21
xC-Licensing course (in german) 
xD-Licensing course (in german)  x22.05.21
E1 (in german) 
E2 (in german)  x19./20.06.21
xB/C-Licensing course (in french)  x08.05.21
xD-Licensing course (in french)  x15.05.21
E1 (in french)  x05./06.06.21
E2 (in french)  x12./13.06.21

As a result of the current Corona situation, the courses for the existing officials can only be conducted as online courses.
For the new officials we try to continue to offer a face-to-face course.

The courses take place at the Sports School Magglingen (BASPO).



Both dates are mandatory for the new officials
Minimum age 18 years
Registration deadline: 31.12.2020



Registrations on:

Swiss American Football Federation
Michel Strähl
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.